A basic guide to eco homes

by Nancy Zubler 05/22/2023

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As the topic of sustainability and eco-friendly rings throughout media outlets and at the dinner table, there has been a rising interest in eco homes. 

Eco homes combine old knowledge and designs along with new technologies such as solar panels to maximize energy efficiency and promote healthy energy consumption. 

Green homes

A green home is built with the least amount of toxic chemicals to promote healthy living. For example, using paint with low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for cleaner air. 

Rooftop solar panels are often added to eco-friendly houses to make them incredibly energy efficient. 

Bamboo homes

Homes made of bamboo are sturdy and can withstand harsh weather. Bamboo is also more eco-friendly than traditional dry-wall homes, and the home built can be customized depending on the climate you live in. 

Timber bamboo is strong and can be used for homes in moderate climates, whereas homes in colder climates may need to be built as a hybrid to suit colder temperatures. 

An eco house in the forest

A forest eco house gently ties together the luxury of modern living with a natural element. As the home is built, surrounding trees are left untouched to prevent unnecessary deforestation. A green roof full of vegetation is used to blend the home into its lush forest surroundings and promote a sense of oneness with nature. 

Eco-homes are the way of the future. If you’re interested in learning more about these structures, consider speaking with a local green home building company.

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